Outfit Ideas for College Women

Class is back in session, yes! Does that mean you have to put your style on pause? No! This post is to give you a little fashion inspiration because I know you have way more important things to be figuring out. So using staples that you might already have and easy to grab pieces, you'll find putting together chic, minimalist, yet comfy outfits a breeze. Many pieces are repeated in each set to show versatility, check it out below.  


White Button Down: Here  Jeans: Here Sneakers:Here  Flats: Here  1st Backpack: Here Studded Backpack: Here Blazer: Similar Here Glasses: Here Handbag:Here Bra: Here Choker: Here Watch: Here


Grey plaid is key for this fall.

Glasses: Here Backapck: Here Skirt: Here Sleeveless Top: Here Sneakers: Here Booties: Here Tote: Here Bandana Choker: The one pictured here , a way more affordable one here

And who don't go for this look? Crew necks and legging are everyone's go to campus style. 

Bandana Choker: The one pictured here , a way more affordable one here  Sneakers: Here Flats: Here Backpack: Here Tote: Here CK Crewneck:Here  Black Crewneck: Here Leggings: Here