Lust vs. Must: City Bags

Let's do a Lust vs Must once a week. Lust vs Must will be just like a look-for-less type of post comparing high end items to more affordable items.

Today we are comparing suede handbags. Both are gorgeous and worth every penny... but one is very very very much more affordable! That tends to be the situation a lot (for me) lol. The more affordable one is from Zara, I genuinely respect this brand. I love every bag I've bought from them because the quality is always bomb! I can only dream of having our "Lust" by Balenciaga right now so I'm all over the this Zara bag. Scroll down to check it out. 

The bag on the left is of course the Balenciaga Suede City Bag and the charm to your right is Zaras Leather City Bag. The Zara bag is made of 100% Cow Leather. 

So ladies, I'd like to know your thoughts on this Zara Leather City bag. Is it a steal for you? I personally love it and might have to take a trip to Michigan ave to see this baby face to face. More photos below.