My Effortless Midi


I'm so sprung over this red camouflage midi dress I bought from H&M about two years ago. It stands out in my wardrobe and after my recent wear, im craving it in every color. I break necks when I wear this dress! It's simply my best fitting versatile dress.. The fit is just beyond me. I'm a slim girl and this dress exposes my every curve in a sophisticated way. Its on a high designer level like I can keep it for the rest of my life... if I lay off the donuts haha. 


The camouflage design is so unexpected for a dress, womens workwear lines deserve cool pieces like this. We need fun and flattering all in one. 


Thanks for reading and if you have personal connections with HM Creative Directors please advise them to remake this dress. lol until next time babes, thanks for reading.