5 Fall Knee High Boots You Should Buy

Boot season is officially here and this is my favorite part about fall. This Fall, we are not buying basic boots, were buying hot boots! At least I told myself this because I have enough basics, its time to spice things up like a trendy latte lmao!

This year we’re all about prints and colors with our boots so I’m gonna show you five pairs of boots that are at a decent price, and on trend. Im into really good quality shoes so mostly suede and leather boots catch my eye besides color and print.

So also all five pair of these boots are at least knee-high or above the knee because that’s my vibe right now, that’s what I’m currently shopping for. I will make another post on boots that are more like ankle length sometimes this month.


Red Knee High Boot

by Vince Camuto these boots are bad ***. I love the block heel and the pointy toe! These boots are perfect to wear with skirts and dresses.

marc fisher thefahionkor.jpg

We can’t have enough animal prints this fall.

So dont think twice about buying these as well. A great knee high boot, perfect to dress down actually. I’d pair these with a wool hat, a loose acid washed grey tee, black ripped jeans, and a leather coat. Or for a high fashioned look id wear a black leather utility dress. Click here to buy

charles keith thefashionkor.jpg

Calf Length boot…

This boot is by Charles Keith. I included a photo below from their instagram which shows a super cute way to wear these boots. If I buy these i’d def pair them with a green dress too.

chinese landry thefashionkor.jpeg

A Off White Knee High Boot

Under $200 these beauties will match almost anything and will look so good with midi skirts. Buy them here

zara the fashion kor.jpg

Green Leather with a perfect heel

Now this pair is great because you can adjust the amount of slooch it has. I think these would be perfect with army green pants. Buy them from Zara here.